Reviate Invests In Product Businesses Through Debt, Equity Or Both With The Goal Of Helping Take Great Products To The World.

We’re changing the way investment is offered for the best products and businesses both small or large.

Reviate’s #1 goal is to bring more innovative products to market.

We constantly see life changing products that never see the light of day or get roadblocked before reaching their full potential. Scaling a product company is incredibly difficult with the rapid pace of change in today’s retail arenas. To solve this, we’ve created a roadmap of category specific growth actions that are accessible to all product companies regardless of size or resources.

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Growth is HARD

Let our team of retail experts build a growth strategy around your brand and products.

Hot Products

By ranking every product feature and customer search behavior in your category, we uncover market gaps with the greatest growth potential.

Raving Fans

Unlock the power of customer reviews, referrals, and customer delight programs we have used to build billion-dollar brands.

Pace of Change

What worked yesterday doesn’t always work today. Reviate creates a growth plan for your products that adapts to the market in real time.

Growth Engine

Your growth engine should be fueled by data and turbocharged by market experimentation.

Grow Your Team

Utilize our team of over 50 retail experts. Whatever you are stuck on, we’ve got a team member that can help.

About Reviate

Reviate provides growth services and invests in select product companies that are capable of growing profitability within our network of buyers, retailers, and sales platforms.

What we can help you achieve

E-commerce growth and strategy | Digital Marketing & Direct To Consumer Sales | Brick and Mortar Relationships

The Team
  • Team of repeat entrepreneurs and investors with a focus on technology and retail
  • Founders of over 15 companies
  • Expert advisors on digital retail, called on weekly by institutional investors and top-tier management consulting firms to provide guidance
  • Best in class partner service providers with focus on ecommerce, direct to consumer, and brick and mortar sales and relationships.
  • Venture capital and angel investors in over 40 companies, driving an investment fund to top decile performance
  • Raised over $100M in investment capital for our companies, including taking one public
  • CEOs over several success startups, providing over $53M cash in liquidity events to founding team members
  • Members of either the Board of Directors or Board of Advisors of 10 companies, both public and private
  • Over 15 years working within Walmart
    Collectively led projects to drive more than $87B in growth for Walmart, including:

    1. Global supply chain optimization
    2. U.S. grocery supply chain optimization
    3. Creation and launch of online grocery
  • Over 20 years working as a vendor to all major U.S. retailers
  • Grew DTC revenues for Purple to $240M per year, video views to 1B and company valuation to $1.1B
If you are interested in growing revenue, please submit your info below. We will run a comprehensive evaluation of your product portfolio and show you the growth opportunities we find.