Cutting Edge Pricing Insights, April 10, 2020


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Brands that are successful on Amazon, like Similac for the Baby Formula category, understand the importance of tactical SKU portfolio creation to capture the high-volume price points and performance efficiencies.

By doing this well, our analysis shows that the difference between high-performing brands within the Baby Formula category is significant: 30x the revenue, 30x the revenue per ASIN, 4x the BSR rank, 13x the average review count, and 1x the average rating. Will your brand be one of those that performs?

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Eech Amazon pricing report is specific to a cateogory / custom reports are specific to a product or ASIN
This section shows the price and sales volume at that specific price.
Understanding the price ranges consumers buy at can help you position your product competitively.
Which price ranges have hidden opportunities?
Discover pricing opportunities to adjust your price up or down without guessing or price experimenting.
Which features are trending and which should I avoid? Powerful insights into products that sell and the features they offer.
Here is the visual representation of how much better products at the right price points are selling than others that are not priced correctly.

What is included in a Customized Pricing Insights Report For A Specific Product or ASIN?

Pricing Insights

Discover the price points that consumers respond to in the highest volume.

Hidden Opportunities

Learn what price points have hidden opportunities.

Category Trends

Stay on top of the latest category trends that will help you position your product for growth.

Pricing Recommendations

Discover pricing thresholds and opportunities to earn more money with pricing recommendations.

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