INVESTMENT for Consumer Product companies

and the TECHNOLOGY that powers their growth




Our perpetual fund is 100% GP funded and managed. While we do not deploy LP capital as a managed service, we allow co-investments from select capital partners, serving as a deal source to them, as well as a risk mitigator/growth accelerator for our mutual investments.

We focus exclusively on consumer products, the brands built around those products, and the technologies that power retail growth.

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We exist to bring innovative products to the world. And we love to grow companies in such a way that will create meaningful employment and success for their team members.

We have deployed capital across the investment spectrum, from patented concepts to early-stage startups, through growth and companies on the verge of a public offering.

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Sometimes Founders would rather exit than take on growth capital. We understand as we have been there too. As founders of over two dozen companies, several of which have exited, we appreciate how sweet selling your company can be.

If you have an IP-protected product or a revenue-generating brand, or a retail-oriented company and would like to exit, we would love to get to know you. Start by clicking here:


Accelerate Sales

Grow like never before, create new products and add rocket fuel to your existing products’ sales with your new Reviate insights.

Make Connections

With powerful insights and newly uncovered strategies connect with the right buyers and put your product on more shelves.

Win Online

We’ve reversed engineered top ranking behavior on the world’s largest eCommerce marketplaces. Step out of your competitors’ shadows.

Create Excitement

We help your products stand out in a sea of competitors by finding the differentiating factors that will cause customers to be excited.

Your Retail Revenue Growth Partner

Revenue creation + innovative solutions = Reviate

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